A Restatement of Loyalty

Propoosal to a Troubled Community

Action to be taken to prevent future urban civil unrest

Continued violence of a blatant sectarian nature has sparked once again in the North of Ireland In Belfast and Carrickfergus the sectarian crowd incensed by the seeming erosion of their control in the community are now engaged in violent displays of force against a backdrop of seeming resignation that the search for democracy will be long and hard.

This concept is a bitter pill to swallow for those who are after all the inheritors of the legacy of Irish settlements Their democratic right to protest is not under question,their democratic right to present forcible argument to justify their stance is particularly sought after within the context of a rule by the people for the people which many define as democracy. Issues which surround the maintenance and pretense of democracy are in place and the confines within which people can work are getting more and more constricted not simply because the terms of their remit are indeed fundamental but because they have such a long way to come to accept the tenets of a simalcre democracy.